LG Libero: This office monitor can also be hung on the wall


In Japan, LG introduced an office monitor with an unusual mount. The 27-inch display with WQHD resolution can not only be placed on the desk with the bracket, but also hung upside down on a partition “>An unusual bracket mount

Instead of an ordinary stand, the monitor with the identifier 27BQ70QC-S has a bracket. On the one hand, this can be used as a stand when the display is placed normally on the desk. Alternatively, the display can be hung up by attaching additional brackets, which can then be attached to a partition in the office, for example. The display is then rotated 180 degrees, i.e. it is upside down. The display will then also be rotated so that the image is output the right way round.

LG 27BQ70QC-S (Picture: LG)

LG received the Red Dot Design Award 2022 for the unusual design. However, the holder is not particularly ergonomic, because the display can only be tilted and not adjusted in height or swivelled.

USB-C and detachable webcam

A USB-C connection enables direct image output from a notebook, which is also supplied with up to 65 watts of power. The supplied webcam with full HD resolution can always be mounted on the top in both orientations and has a screen to prevent unwanted recordings (privacy cover) and an integrated microphone for video conferences. Loudspeakers, a headphone output and an HDMI input are also available.

Other than that, the monitor has something more ordinary to offer. The IPS display with 2,560 × 1,440 pixels and 27 inch diagonal is specified with 350 cd/m² brightness, 1,000:1 contrast and 5 ms response time (GtG). It is said to offer 16.7 million colors (8-bit), cover 99 percent of the sRGB color spectrum and support AMD FreeSync.

For now only in Japan

In Japan, the LG Libero monitor aka 27BQ70QC-S will be sold from July at a price of 65,000 yen (~ 460 euros). It is still uncertain whether the monitor will also be offered in other regions.