Dear fuels, excise duty cut extended to August 2


The Government has decided to extend the cut in excise duties on fuels again . This decision has been in the air for some time as gasoline and diesel prices continue to be very high. In fact, it was hoped to some extent further to lower the cost of fuels which, however, at least for the moment, is not; arrived.

So, the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco and the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani have signed the Interministerial Decree extending the cut in excise duties until 2 August . Is not serious; the first time this measure is extended. The latest intervention had moved the deadline for the cut in excise duties to July 8. Apparently, it seems that the Government wants to continue with short-term measures that can be renewed every time.

This choice not to introduce further interventions is not; liked by several consumer associations which highlighted that the new intervention does not solve the problem of expensive fuels. We remind you that on petrol and diesel the cut in excise duties is; of 25 cents per liter plus; VAT . For LPG, on the other hand, the reduction is; of 8.5 euro cents plus; VAT.


According to the latest data provided by Quotidiano Energia, the average price of petrol & egrave; of 2,075 euros per liter in mode & agrave; self service, with the different brands between 2,065 and 2,091 euros per liter (no logo 2,061 euros per liter). In mode served, however, the price rises to 2.209 euros per liter, with the points of sale of the companies that have average prices between 2.144 and 2.294 euros per liter (no logo 2.111 euros per liter).

Switching to diesel , in mode & agrave; self, the average price is; of 2,040 euros per liter, with company plants between 2,036 and 2,047 euros per liter (no logo 2,039 euros per liter). The diesel in mode & agrave; served reaches 2,179 euros per liter with the points of sale of companies with average prices between 2,121 and 2,254 euros per liter (no logo 2,090 euros per liter).

The cost of LPG , on the other hand, & egrave; between € 0.835 and € 0.853 per liter (no logo € 0.821 per liter). Finally, methane is placed between 1.809 and 1.919 euros (no logo 1.836 euros).

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