Zync: Mercedes is bringing immersive streaming to its vehicles


Mercedes-Benz is cooperating with the in-car entertainment experts from Zync and, together with the US startup, would like to create an immersive streaming platform with a total of 30 “renowned” streaming services as well as On -Offer on-demand content and gaming in the brand's vehicles later this year.

Zync finds its way into MBUX

< p class="p text-width">Zync will be integrated into vehicles' in-car entertainment systems as part of the partnership. The user interface and the user experience or the UI and UX design are based on the current Mercedes-Benz infotainment system MBUX 2 (test), which will eventually be replaced by its own operating system called MB.OS.

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Mercedes-Benz and ZYNC are cooperating on the topic of streaming (image: Mercedes-Benz Group AG)

ZYNC offers video streaming, on-demand content, interactive experiences, local video programming, sports, news, games and much more from a single interface.

Mercedes-Benz Group AG

Zync is not a blank slate in this area. About a year ago, Porsche joined the American tech company as a strategic partner through its own company builder Forward31. Like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche also wants to have recognized that “digital and personalizable offers in the vehicle are becoming increasingly important for many drivers”. , MBUX and Mercedes me merge

Mercedes would like to integrate existing hardware such as the MBUX Hyperscreen, which is used in the Mercedes-Benz EQE and EQS, and the rear entertainment system, into the operating concept.

Mercedes-Benz has not yet announced whether the 1st generation MBUX (test), which was released in 2018, will also receive the new streaming integration.

In addition, existing technologies such as Dolby Atmos can be integrated for more immersion when streaming in the car.

Also included was Mercedes me or Mercedes me connect, the platform for services and the areas of apps and connected cars, via which ZYNC must first be booked and activated.

Free for the first year

Assuming you have an account for Mercedes me with the MBUX entertainment package, the service should be free for a year and can then be charged via the Mercedes-me portal can be extended. Prices for the subscription are not yet known.

Current news from n-tv

n-tv was already one in January of this year entered into a strategic partnership with Zync and would like to bring a news service adapted to the conditions in the vehicle onto the platform this summer.

End of 2022 in EQS and in the S class

Mercedes-Benz promises to introduce the Zync platform in Europe by the end of 2022 in the two spearheads EQS and the S-Class. For this purpose, Zync will in future deliver a version of its platform tailored to the vehicles and their hardware and tools and APIs adapted accordingly.

Mercedes-Benz also sees itself with Zync in terms of road safety and well positioned for future automated driving according to SAE Level 3.

For example, when a vehicle is in motion, the streaming services are limited to the front passenger or rear passenger screens, or there is only one Audio playback is possible – always in accordance with the relevant market regulations.

For the future, Mercedes-Benz is prepared for the use of video streaming while driving as soon as further approvals for automated driving according to SAE Level 3.

Mercedes-Benz Group AG

More than a two-second video, which in any case only consists of the four product photos already known, could be done Mercedes and Zync have not yet shown.

ZYNC in MBUX 2.0 (Image: Mercedes-Benz Group AG)

See the Zync official website and press center for more information of Mercedes-Benz Group AG.