Series One Pro: Glorious' Customers should once again bear the risk


It was only in May 2022 that Glorious drew attention to itself with the Model O Pro. The reason, however, was less the promising specifications with exceptionally low weight, but the criticized sales model with a time limit. Now Glorious is introducing another new mouse – and once again it's only available via Group Buy.

High-end mouse that's smaller and lighter

The wireless Series One Pro shares many similarities with the Model O Pro presented in May 2022 and expected from August: In both cases there is the high-end technology known from previous Glorious wireless mice, which can be found in the table below the article and externally a completely atypical case for Glorious without holes; but nonetheless, a particularly low mass is core competency. However, if the Model O Pro with a weight of 55 grams is still noticeably below the 70 gram Model O Wireless (test), the Series One Pro is just another 5 grams lighter at 50 grams.

Razer's Viper V2 Pro (test) with 58 grams recently proved that the jumps are getting smaller. The comparison to the Viper series is obvious because Glorious' Model-O series has always had a very similar shape. The Series One Pro, on the other hand, is now reminiscent of the smaller Viper Mini (test). Although this is a wired budget model far from the top model pricing, this is one of the reasons why the agile mouse has long been an insider tip for shooter players who prefer fingertip or claw grip.

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Glorious Series One Pro (Image: Glorious)
Glorious Series One Pro ( Image: Glorious)
Glorious Series One Pro (Image: Glorious)< /figure>

Glorious Series One Pro (image: Glorious)
Glorious Series One Pro (Image: Glorious)
The Glorious Series One Pro is only available in group buy via “Glorious Forge”

Razer wants to answer calls for a better equipped wireless adaptation later this year, but so far no concrete product has been announced – and Glorious now wants to fill this gap with the Series One Pro.

So it should be obvious that there is definitely a demand for a mouse designed in this way. In any case, the new Glorious input device with its low mass would have a unique selling point: no other gaming mouse with a comparable form factor is currently lighter; solely G Wolves' 48 grams light Hati S Ace can be mentioned, but has no release date yet. Particularly compact fingertip grip tools such as the Zaunkoenig M2K (test) are left out in the comparison.

Sale in a time-limited group buy< /h2>

Despite all this, Glorious, as a now established manufacturer, does not seem willing to take the entrepreneurial risk of the new product: Another thing that Model O Pro and Series One Pro have in common is the shifting of risk to the customer. Both input devices are distributed by Glorious Forge.

Interested parties should pre-order the mouse now and for a limited time until July 13, 2022 without availability of tests, in order to then receive an untested input device in the period from September to October 2022, as voices from the mouse community say on Reddit in Summarize in a sarcastic tone. Following a trend, Glorious markets the sales model hip as Group Buy.

Glorious Series One Pro (Image: Glorious)

The term actually refers to the practice of members of a niche community banding together for an order that simply would not have been possible for individuals. A prominent example from the world of input devices are components or keycaps for mechanical keyboards, the financing and production of which can only be secured through a successful group buy.

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So far, however, the Forge products have been, for example, a pink variant of a mouse that was already sold in black and white, or keyboard keycaps with a yellow-pink color gradient; with the Model O Pro and now the Series One Pro, that's changing.

Like this or not at all?

Glorious argues openly: Because interested parties would have to buy in advance, they can can be well assessed whether the production of a niche product is worthwhile. If too few pre-orders are received and the production costs cannot be covered, the Series One Pro should simply not appear.

On Reddit, the manufacturer makes it clear to skeptical prospects that this system is the only way Glorious can offer the new mouse at all.

The whole idea behind [Glorious] Forge is not "buy it now or bad luck/FOMO" – We see it as our way to release products we would not be able to do otherwise. Some of them might be more "niche" and developed based on community feedback. Behind every product is a risk for us as a company. This is the sad truth. We would like to do a lot more, but sometimes we cant.

This is just the start of Glorious Forge. You will see most likely even more "experimental" products in the future. But also products we will run right away under the Glorious brand. Please don't worry that we will only run this business model. We know it is not for everyone. See it as a nice addition, creating products which would usually never exist.


However, the manufacturer admits that the mouse will also be available later in the year via “selected other channels”; this depends on the region and the sales partner located there. In German-speaking countries, this is Caseking. In fact, the retailer is now listing the Model O Pro for pre-order, which according to the original communication is actually only available through Glorious' until June 7, 2022. Forge website should be available. Availability from August is specified.

Between interest query and marketing campaign

In any case, it seemed improbable from the outset that Glorious would not want to sell a newly developed mouse that was elaborately produced with new tooling and also extremely competitive from stock – allegations were made as early as May that Glorious only wanted to do so under the guise of the group buy term encourage more pre-orders with artificial shortages and last-minute panic and also generate attention.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Wireless Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Pro ✔Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Wireless ✔Glorious PC Gaming Race Series One Pro ✔Logitech G Pro X SuperlightRazer Viper MiniRazer Viper V2 Pro Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Pro Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Pro ✔Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Wireless ✔Glorious PC Gaming Race Series One Pro ✔Logitech G Pro X SuperlightRazer Viper MiniRazer Viper V2 Pro Glorious PC Gaming Race Series One Pro Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Pro ✔Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Wireless ✔Glorious PC Gaming Race Series One Pro ✔Logitech G Pro X SuperlightRazer Viper MiniRazer Viper V2 Pro Ergonomics: Symmetrical (Right-handed) Sensor: Glorious BAMF (PMW-3370)
Lift-Off-Distance : 1.0-2.0mm Resolution: 100-19,000 CPI
5 levels Speed: 10.2 m/s Acceleration: 490 m/s² USB polling rate: 1,000 Hz Primary button: Omron D2FC-F-7N, 20 million Clicks Kailh, 80 million Clicks Number of Keys: 6
Top: 4
Left Side: 2 Special Keys: Mouse Wheel
cpi Switcher Software: 5 Profiles
Fully Programmable
Macro Recording
Internal Memory: 3 Profiles Illumination: Color : RGB, 1 addressable zone
Modes: Breathing, Waves, Color loop
CPI indicator – Housing: 128 × 66 × 38 mm
Hard plastic
Sliding feet: PTFE (pure) 119 × 62 × 38 mm
Hard plastic
Sliding feet: PTFE (pure) Weight: 70 grams (without cable) 55 grams (without cable) 50 grams (without cable) Connection: USB-A to USB-C cable, 2, 00 m, wrapped
Radio: 2.4 GHz, 5.0 meter range
Proprietary battery, 71 h runtime
Charging: Cable USB-A to USB-C cable, 1.80 m, Wrapped
Radio: 2.4 GHz
Proprietary battery, 80 hrs runtime
Charging: Cable USB-A to USB-C cable, 1.80 m, wrapped
Radio: 2.4 GHz
Proprietary battery, 84 hrs runtime
Charging: Cable Price: from €90/from €84 to $100