Ioniq 6: Hyundai anticipates the lines of the next electric sedan with a sketch


The market debut of the Ioniq 6 is fast approaching and Hyundai , to keep alive the interest in the second model of the new family of electric cars, it releases information with the dropper at regular intervals.

So, just under a month after its official debut, the Korean manufacturer releases a sketch of the Ioniq6 which, as we know, will be; inspired by the EV Prophecy concept.

From the sketch published there are few elements that emerge, but it is; It is clear right from the start that we are dealing with a car with a very aerodynamic line, so much so that it resembles in a certain sense a modern streamliner with zero emissions.

The lines are simple, clean, taut and extremely tapered, different (although there will be no lack of contact elements) from those of the Ioniq 5 , a zero-emission crossover that had the task of bringing the new & ldquo; Ioniq & rdquo; .

Hyundai IONIQ 6 class electric sedan spy photos = “cat_auto”> Auto 22 Apr

Auto 15 Feb

The Ioniq 6, like the Ioniq 5, will be born & agrave; on the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) and will be characterized; for a generous step, desired by the designers to maximize interior space.

For those who are teased by this first sketch, Hyundai is announcing new teasers in the coming days. They will be released both on the official social networks of the House and on the website.

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