Ford against discrimination: at Goodwood 2022 brings the Very Gay Raptor


Ford wants to fight discrimination and support the community & agrave; LGBTQ + . For this reason, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2022 he decided to bring his & quot; Very Gay Raptor & quot;. This is a very particular version of the Ranger Raptor born last year following a discriminatory comment that appeared on Ford's official social channels. In response, the house of the blue oval has decided to take the Raptor, the more version. powerful of its pickup, reinterpreting it with a shimmering gold front and rainbow graphics.

Web users have greatly appreciated this “transformation” work. At that point, Ford decided to make rendering a real car that from then on is used as a tool to help eliminate all forms of discrimination. Ahead of Goodwood 2022, the manufacturer has posted a video on its YouTube channel showing the & ldquo; Very Gay Raptor & rdquo; and the new generation Ranger Raptor (also present at Goodwood) on offroad tracks covered with mud “with the aim of showing the same ability; to be imposing and resolute, regardless of their different identities & quot ;.

ELIMINATE ANY FORM OF DISCRIMINATION promote a serious debate on the issue of discrimination . Precisely for this reason, the house of the blue oval will present; some live sessions of his new series of & ldquo; Tough Talks & rdquo ;. They will be led directly from the box of the Very Gay Raptor pickup by Gareth Thomas , the first professional rugby player who came out declaring his homosexuality.

In these live meetings organized by Ford we will discuss, specifically, how the auto industry can be; be able to promote an inclusive and community supportive culture; LGBTQ +. Among the guests of the live shows the pilot Abbie Eaton , the comedian Catherine Bohart and Lord March , son of the Duke of Richmond, founder of the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​and the Goodwood Revival.

From Ford, therefore, a very nice initiative on an extremely important topic. Unfortunately, as we can read from the daily news, there are still discriminatory acts that affect people.

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