Electric transition, Stellantis France launches the platform for business customers


After introducing real digital tools to accompany private customers in the choice and resolution of the many doubts that surround the electric, Stellantis opens on the market French a new platform dedicated this time to professional customers: it is called B2B Electric Place and aims to offer a reference on all of this; which can & ograve; be useful to companies facing the electricity transition, including information on taxation, estimates of operating costs and updates on charging technologies, concessions and charges.


The service is aimed above all at managers and managers of company fleets, which represent one of the most important; important segments of the public to which the giant Stellantis aims to bring sales of electric vehicles towards the goal of 100% by 2030 as required by the Dare Forward plan. The platform, which after France will be & agrave; rapidly spread on the main European markets, it is not; only an online pre-sale tool, but it will remain; the reference of customers throughout the process, including the post-sales phase and that of long-term assistance, in accordance with the need; to offer 360 & deg; and make customer care a fundamental element of your strategic plan.

As Sandrine Bouvier pointed out, Head of e-Mobility Stellantis France: & quot; Our customers must quickly receive answers to all questions raised by the ongoing energy transition process. From now on, regulatory constraints and restrictions on access to large cities will have an impact on their businesses; and on mobility of their employees, but also on their commitment in terms of CSR (corporate social responsibility). Our ambition is to support them, with the B2B Electric Place tool.


B2B Electric Place also has a section aimed at companies employees , those who do; who will use the vehicles themselves, with information and advice on driving, charging and how to behave in the event of faults and anomalies, just to give an example. Instead, it offers companies the opportunity; to verify and accurately assess their needs; and how best to adapt these to mobility; electric and the various vehicles of the growing electric range of Stellantis.


Since the key element is; flexibility, the platform is was designed to be streamlined and usable with the same ease & agrave; from all the various types of supports, therefore from fixed station computers as from tablets and smartphones .

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