Community: Voting for the best photo on the subject of “frame”


Frames, whether as a wooden picture border or as a stylistic device, was the monthly theme of the photo competition in June 2022. The ComputerBase community will now decide by means of a vote, which will last until June 30th the best submitted image.

Almost all submissions interpret the given topic as a visual stylistic device. But a frame in the classic sense and even including a computer reference is also represented among the submissions. When voting, however, not only the visually most beautiful photo should be in the foreground, but also which one best reflects the topic in terms of content.

The winner can then choose the motto for the following month as usual. Comments on the individual images are expressly welcome.

And what about the screenshot competition?

The screenshot competition otherwise also mentioned here is currently on summer break. The initiators Corros1on and GUN2504 have announced that the competition will be relaunched from October 2022, including a ranking list and prizes.