Bentley also launches into the world of the Metaverse: the first NFT arrives in September


More and more; Car manufacturers are seduced by the world of the Metaverse. Today it's up to Bentley , which has announced that it is ready to launch into the world of NFTs. It does so with a single NFT, made in 208 copies, which will be; offered in September of this year on the Polygon network, a platform on the Ethereum blockchain. The number 208 is not; random for the House of Crewe: indicates both the speed; maximum in miles per hour reached by its most sporty; fast, the Continental GT Speed, both the number of units & agrave; produced by R-Type Continental from 1952, an iconic car whose style influenced all the Bentleys that came after, including the current ones.

The NFT Bentley will be & agrave; created by the Design Center of the House and will be; a & rsquo; work of digital art that will allow; legitimate owners to win prizes and have access to exclusive initiatives.

The NFT themed project is; also a way that the House has to test the potential; del Web3 , the internet of the Metaverse and of reality; increased. The choice to offer its NFT on Polygon derives from the fact that the platform has recently reached neutrality; climate and is even preparing to become carbon negative by the end of the year. How Bentley will do & agrave; in 2030.

Bentley customers live their lives online, buy luxury goods with digital currency and set up businesses; in the Metaverse & ndash; said Alain Favey, head of the sales and marketing divisions & ndash; We have always supported our customers in cultivating their passions and today this means being present in digital markets and offering NFT resources. We have seen how NFTs have raised the profile of both art and artist and we believe the same can happen in the luxury automotive space.

In the future Bentley will be & agrave; protagonist of other digital projects and will challenge himself with games, applications and other services to offer in the Metaverse. The proceeds of this initiative will be used by the House to support students who want to try their hand at engineering, design or faculty; related to the world of highly automated automotive production.

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