After takeover: Fall Guys starts for free on Epic and disappears from Steam


Fall Guys is now available as a free-to-play game, as the developers promised back in May 2022. In addition to the release on new platforms, the Battle Royale action game is also restarting on the PC: In future, the title will be available in the Epic Games Store, but no longer on Steam.

No longer available on Steam after all

Developer Mediatonic announced last month that Fall Guys would switch to a free-to-play concept; now the step has been taken. Previously, the game cost around €20 since its release in August 2020. The realignment is preceded by the takeover of the developer by Epic Games, which was made public in March 2021. At that time it was still said that nothing would change in the distribution model and that Fall Guys would continue to be offered on Steam – but this is no longer the case around 15 months later: “At the request of the publisher, Fall Guys is no longer for sale on Steam,” says the Steam side of the game just under. A download is no longer possible, but previous buyers should be able to continue playing unchanged and also receive future updates.

New platforms with Cross Play and Season Pass

Fall Guys is completely new on the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch platforms. The game has been available for the PlayStation 4 for some time, but cross play and cross progression or cross saves to all other platforms are also new in this case. This means that players on PC, for example, not only play together with console players, but can also continue to play on one of the other platforms as they wish without losing their game progress.

Apart from this, the seasonal model will also be restarted with the release of the free-to-play concept, so that season 1 will now begin again. This also goes hand in hand with the new in-game currency show bucks, new cosmetic content and a revised progression system. An optional Season Pass is available for the equivalent of around $8 in show bucks; Players who previously purchased Fall Guys will get the pass for free in Season 1.

Battle royale with obstacles

Fall Guys is a Multiplayer action game with battle royale game concept. In cooperative competition with up to three friends, the goal is to be the last remaining competitor in a chaotic obstacle course. The title has enjoyed great popularity as a party game in the past, with around 445,000 reviews on Steam, for example, being “very positive”.