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Tesla: new stop on circulation in China. This time there? the Communist Party out of the way


Again & ldquo; traffic bans & rdquo; for Tesla in China. This time Elon Musk's cars will be banned from traveling the streets of Beidaihe , a coastal region where a summer conclave of the Chinese Communist Party is held every year. The ban, according to reports to Reuters by a local police officer, would start from 1 & deg; July 2022 and would remain active for at least 2 months. But what c & rsquo; & egrave; behind?

The fact is; that is not; the first time that some areas in China are declared off limits to Tesla. The reason is; always the same: through cameras and sensors the cars collect a lot of information while driving and process it remotely through a central brain.

They do it to facilitate self-learning in front of the real driving situations and thus improve; the operation of the Autopilot, but in China there are fears that certain data may also be used for other purposes: to gather information strategic or personal, putting national security at risk in one case and harming the privacy of people on the other.

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The decision to ban Tesla cars in Beidaihe, then, is; easy to understand, as the coastal district east of Beijing will be for days; populated by personalities economic and political of the country.

Only a few weeks ago the Teslas were banned from the streets from Chengdu in conjunction with the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the city.

Last year the authorities & agrave; Chinese prohibited the military and the employees of the army bases from parking inside the bases themselves. Tesla, for its part, has always guaranteed compliance with the laws in force in every state in which its cars circulate.

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