iCulture Today: this was Tuesday, June 21, 2022


Today we share several helpful articles about watchOS 9 with you. For example, in the watchOS 9 FAQ you can read answers to frequently asked questions and we show you how much the Calendar app on the Apple Watch has been improved. But there was also news today. For example, Philips Hue announced its summer collection of 2022, a nice anecdote has surfaced why the first iPhone had no copy and paste and much more. You can read it all in this iCulture Today!

News and opinion

  • Today Philips Hue announced new products for the summer of 2022, including lamps on rails and a new Hue Tap Dial .
  • From iOS 16 you can get around those annoying CAPTCHAs thanks to a new clever trick from Apple.
  • The first iPhone didn't have copy and paste yet and the creator explains why that was.
  • Photos of Apple's mysterious network adapter have now surfaced and seem to confirm what we already thought.
  • Our watchOS 9 FAQ tells you everything you need to know about the update and we answer frequently asked questions.


  • These are the best iTunes and App Store deals of the week.
  • Looking for the cheapest AirPods? Here you will find all AirPods offers.
  • We have listed the best Apple Watch offers so that you can be sure that you are not paying too much for the latest models.
  • These are the best iPhone deals of this week.
  • Here you will find the best iPhone 13 deals with which you can already grab a nice discount!
  • The best Sonos offers of the moment can be found here.< /li>

Tips and explanations

  • Did you know that you can also listen together with AirPods via one iPhone, iPad or Apple TV?
  • As of iOS 16 you will find a Search button on the iPhone home screen, but you can also disable it.
  • How to lock a photo album on iPhone? We'll show you the options.
  • The Calendar app on the Apple Watch has been completely revamped in watchOS 9 and we'll show you all the new options.
  • The App Clips get new functions in iOS 16 and we also give you some examples of app clips that you can try yourself.
  • You can also make calls with the Apple Watch from watchOS 9 with third-party VoIP apps.< /li>
  • Is your sound not too loud? Check the headset notifications on your iPhone.


We didn't want to let these updates pass unnoticed:

  • Pages (free, iPhone, iOS 14.0+) – In Pages, the Mail Merge option allows you to create personalized letters, cards, and envelopes for multiple recipients. You can also export Pages documents as TXT files.
  • Keynote (Free, iPhone/Watch, iOS 14.0+) – You can now also add dynamic backgrounds to your presentations that move continuously. You can also skip all slides in a collapsed group (or not).
  • Numbers (Free, iPhone/iPad, iOS 14.0+) – Performance improved when inserting rows and columns in large tables.

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