Tesla, Model Y production in Berlin reaches 1,000 units? per week


Tesla had to overcome several challenges to put the new Gigafactory in Berlin into operation. As we know, amidst problems with environmentalists and those with the country's bureaucracy, the inauguration of the plant is; been postponed for several months. At the end of March the new Gigafactory had started producing the first Model Y's. Now, Tesla has announced that it has taken a new step forward in its work of bringing the construction of cars to full capacity within this factory.

Indeed, the company & agrave; by Elon Musk announced that it has reached the milestone of 1,000 Model Ys produced in a week . With 1,000 units & agrave; per week means that the factory has reached a capacity; annual potential of just under 50,000 cars . We are still a long way from the target of 500,000 cars but the plant is still in an early stage and many aspects of production need to be fixed.

Also, it seems that Tesla had to face some obstacles during this period, including a series of problems with the paint shop . In addition to this, the company & agrave; American, like the other manufacturers, also has to deal with the problem of the supply of components.

According to Troy Teslike, Tesla would have built around 8,865 Model Ys during the first three months. By way of comparison, the Shanghai Gigafactory built around 17,834 Model Ys.


Tesla & egrave; obviously late. Among the difficulties in order to obtain the permits to start production and some technical problems, the construction of the electric cars is not proceeding as originally planned. However, the goal of 1,000 cars per week means that Tesla is gradually solving the main problems. techniques.

With the problem of supplying components, surely Tesla will have to; to face further difficulties over the next few months. However, this new factory, once fully operational, will become very important for the growth strategy of the American car manufacturer.

As we know, the Model Y for the European market will be produced on this site. This means that the constructor will not be; more forced to import them from the Chinese factory (or at least significantly decrease the dependence on this Chinese factory for the European Model Y). In addition, 4680 cells will also be produced within this facility and will be used in many Tesla models in the future.

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