Porsche accused of false fuel consumption and emissions data


Approximately 500 thousand Porsche models registered between 2005 and 2020 have ended up under investigation on the stars and stripes market. The accusation is of having distorted the data on consumption and emissions , carrying out tests and checks on models that were decidedly less polluting than what then happened in the cars normally sold.

80 MILLION DOLLAR AGREEMENT 80 million dollars : a way to extinguish controversy and suspicions and restart the engines. An agreement that for & ograve; still awaits the green light from the federal judge after being deposited in the San Francisco court offices.

The owners involved could therefore receive compensation ranging from 250 to over $ 1,109. Of 250 euros & egrave; also the payment intended for owners of Porsche vehicles with modality; driving & ldquo; Sport + & rdquo; , that driving in this mode & agrave; they recorded consumption higher than declared. Furthermore, all specimens will be subjected to software updates to correct so & igrave; data on consumption and emissions.


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