Milivi? 1, 22 examples for the exclusive restomod of the Beetle


Take a popular icon like the Beetle, or rather the Beetle since the base vehicle is; a 1303 from the 70s, and transform it into something unique, impromptu and exclusive, which blends tradition and avant-garde. In summary & egrave; what you & egrave; set out to be Jonathan Engler, an engineer with a strong artistic vein, giving life to the Milivi & eacute; 1, a particularly refined restomod that recalls, for its complexity, the works of the restorer Singer, specialized for & ograve; in Porsche cars.


The circulation of this very particular vehicle is; was set at 22 units, a number chosen not by chance as the total production of the original Volkswagen, from the pre-series of the 36 to the last units assembled in Mexico and Brazil on the threshold of the third millennium, is close to 22 million. Therefore, Engler intends to pay homage to its history by symbolically creating an example of Milivi & eacute; 1 for every million original beetles, with an approximate price of 570,000 euros .

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It must be said that the changes are such and so many that they actually leave; very little of the basic model, just the body structure and the floor, while all the other components are redesigned and improved according to more canons; modern by a team of 44 engineers and creatives who have studied the entire history of the Beetle and the approximately 78,000 changes made to the model in its very long career to create something that, even if in a current key, summarizes a little bit; the entire evolutionary path of this iconic car.

The engine & egrave; a 4-cylinder boxer, as originally, with displacement carried for & ograve; to 2.3 liters , almost double the original 1300. Powered by Weber carburettors but with electronic ignition, it benefits from a specific tuning calibrated on the use to which each specimen & egrave; intended, while the change & egrave; an automatic ZF 4HP of the type used on the Porsche 911 Carrera 2 from the late 1980s, but equipped with three modes; management & ndash; Drive, Sport and Manual & ndash; that modify the behavior and style of shifting. And steering wheel paddles made to measure for the owner's hand

The car body retains the basic proportions and style, but has surfaces that have been carefully remodeled to make it more comfortable. smooth and modern and Led lights. There is no shortage of obvious tributes to some Porsche models , a brand that shares with Volkswagen the origin and creative genius of Ferdinand Porsche, such as the duck tail spoiler of the Carrera 2.7 RS, the exhausts of the 935, the high cut of the fenders of the 956 and some indentations in the fenders themselves inspired by the 964 and especially appreciable in the view from above, just to name a few.


The interior design is have been defined with the aim of moving the simple geometric shapes of the original and are equipped with four individual bucket seats, a new central tunnel that incorporates wireless charging sockets, 220V and USB/USB-C. Driver information and control are managed by two touch screens with internal software and various user interface graphics, one modern and essential and one that instead reproduces the design and function of the traditional analog controls to be operated at your fingertips, including the analog clock reproduced in the infotainment screen and similar to the one installed on the historic model. The passenger compartment and the upholstery are scattered with sensors and tactile controls hidden in the surfaces and fabrics , which therefore respect the essential and bare aspect of the reference cars while offering functionality; and modern comforts.

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