Bugatti delivers the first copy of the Centodieci limited edition hypercar


After a long gestation, Bugatti has finally delivered the first example of the hypercar Centodieci . This is a very limited series car, of only ten specimens, built on the basis of the Chiron but with an aesthetic that pays homage to the EB110 of the nineties, a car that marked; the return on the market of the brand thanks to the will & agrave; by Romano Artioli. This first Centodieci & egrave; it was made in the iconic blue color called EB110 Blue. This is the presentation color of the EB110 & ldquo; original & rdquo; in the 1990s, which was produced in the Campogalliano (Modena) plant.

The lucky owner of this first Centodieci, in addition to the color EB110 Blue, asked for rims with EB110 Sport Silver finish. The request is; arrived not by chance, since they are the same colors of the EB110 GT that already has; owns. The interior is also exclusive: a modern reinterpretation of the quilted checkerboard motif of the previous models, repeated throughout the passenger compartment.

To make it flawlessly yes & egrave; had to work on this detail for 16 weeks. Indeed, only for the two seats, & egrave; A full day was needed.


Speaking of mechanics, the Bugatti Centodieci offers the well-known sixteen-cylinder W with 1,600 horsepower by Chiron. The engine allows the car to reach 100 km/h from a standing start in just 2.4 seconds and to touch a speed; peak of 380 km/h. Bugatti technicians have for & ograve; worked hard on the frame to give the Centodieci a different and absolutely recognizable character.

Now all that remains is to wait for the other 9 specimens. All production & egrave; it was in fact sold at the very moment of the presentation, which took place at California & rsquo; s Monterey Car Week at the Quail in 2019, in conjunction with the 110 & deg; anniversary of the birth of Ettore Bugatti. We can't wait to see how they will be made.

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