Audi against NIO: can not? use the names ES6 and ES8


NIO is working to expand its presence also in Europe . As we know, the Chinese brand is; already landed in Norway and is now progressively taking its cars as well to other countries of the Old Continent. This project, however, is not; certainly simple to carry on. Carve out a space in the European market & egrave; a difficult job. For the Chinese manufacturer, there is now a further complication. Audi , in fact, has filed a lawsuit in a Munich court against the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer NIO, for an alleged infringement of the Volkswagen Group's trademark rights.


Going into detail, the problem would concern the ES6 and ES8 electric SUVs . In Europe, Audi markets the S6 and S8 models which are basically the sports versions of the Audi A6 and Audi A8. According to the house of the 4 rings, NIO violated the rights on the S6 and S8 trademarks as the names of the electric SUVs would be too similar , leading to consumer confusion. Like all large successful companies, Audi & egrave; always careful to fully protect its trademark rights. So it's not too surprising that it has done so.

What will happen now? The lawsuit is; just started and, for this reason, the two car manufacturers have not yet wanted to comment on the news. NIO, as we know, is preparing to bring its ET7 electric sedan to Germany. In light of what is happening, it seems that the Chinese manufacturer has begun to pay more attention to the promotion of its activities; within the country.

A mishap that NIO probably did not expect. However, the lawsuit should not slow down the Chinese automaker's plans to expand the European market. Surely, over the next few months we will find out how to star & agrave; evolving this lawsuit between the two car brands.

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