Mercedes dir? goodbye to manual transmission from 2023


Manual gearboxes are gradually disappearing from modern cars. Apparently, Mercedes would even set a date from which to render & agrave; only automatic transmission is available for its models. A spokesperson for the German manufacturer, speaking with Automobilwoche, said that they will gradually proceed to eliminate the manual gearbox from 2023 with the introduction of new generations of models that still offer manual transmissions today

The reason would be to be found in the fact that more and more customers; are demanding hybrid or zero-emission cars that already today they are not offered with the manual gearbox (the electric ones do not have the classic gearbox). For the German manufacturer this choice would also result in an optimization of the production of its models as it would eliminate some options.

After all, investing in manual transmissions is not; not even more & ugrave; affordable for car manufacturers. The trend, by now, is; this. It is worth noting, however, that already today there are few Mercedes that can be requested with a manual transmission. In the price list we have, and not in all versions, the A-Class, A Sedan, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake, B-Class and Citan Tourer models. Therefore, the choice of the manufacturer is no longer surprising; from time to time. In any case, regardless of the reason, the manual gearbox is; now at risk of extinction.

Gi & agrave; some car manufacturers have indicated that they will only market cars with automatic transmission or that they are considering eliminating the manual option. The chip crisis and the need for brands to streamline manufacturing has accelerated this process. With the advent of electrification, then, the gearbox as we know it today could even disappear. To date, it seems that the manual transmission can only remain on low-end models and on some “old school” sports cars. to satisfy driving purists who do not want to resign themselves to the idea of ​​losing the clutch and the gear lever.

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