PC Port: Returnal is next up from the PlayStation


Next, Sony is bringing the award-winning roguelike shooter Returnal to PC. This was revealed by an entry in the SteamDB. It is not yet possible to say how soon the title will appear. Another project has priority first.

In the SteamDB entry, which has since been changed, no name is given, but the additional information creates a connection. There the “Tower of Sisyphus” is mentioned. This is a challenge mode in Returnal in which players can find particularly rare weapons. The information also matches the large leak from the GeForce Now database. The information gained from this has so far proven to be reliable: many of the unannounced games have now been officially confirmed.

Before Returnal appears, however, the porting of Uncharted 4 and the spin-off Legacy of Thieves is pending. In the most recent quarterly report, Sony once again confirmed that the PC strategy is successful and will be continued. By 2025, half of all games should also appear on Windows PCs.