Model O Pro: Glorious 55 gram mouse only exists if many buy it


With the Model O Pro, Glorious offers an improved Model O Wireless (test), which is aimed at the e-sports segment without holes and with an extremely low weight. The data sheet of the mouse reads convincingly, completely different from the sales model: For the time being it will only be available via “Group Buy” – and thus maybe never.

High-end technology in the lightest hole-free housing

Glorious PC Gaming Race teased the mouse last week, now the manufacturer is submitting all the specifications of the Model O Pro. The inner workings are mainly the hardware of the Model O Wireless, for example PixArt's powerful PMW-3370, the 2.4 GHz radio technology and the microcontroller were taken over directly. The flexibly wrapped USB A-to-C cable and the pure PTFE sliding elements also correspond to the Model O Wireless.

Button from Kailh instead of Omron

A first difference can be found in the switches. These no longer come from Omron, instead Glorious uses Kailh buttons, as it did before with the O-Wireless and D-Wireless models. Their tuning is based on the GM 8.0, the specified lifetime is 80 million clicks. The manufacturer has also made the two additional keys on the left column more tactile.

The Model O Pro basically offers the standard repertoire of wireless high-end gaming mice in 2022. The unique selling point that is therefore urgently needed can be found in the housing: no other mouse in the same performance class weighs just 55 grams with the housing closed. Only Razer's recently introduced Viper V2 Pro comes close, and the popular G Pro X Superlight (test) weighs hardly noticeably more at 62 grams. For Glorious, meanwhile, a housing without weight-reducing holes already means a turning point.

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< figure> Glorious Model O Pro
Glorious Model O Pro
Glorious Model O Pro
Glorious Model O Pro
Glorious Model O Glorious Model O Pro
Glorious Model O Pro
Glorious Model O Pro
Glorious Model O Pro

Lighter, but still more stable and with more support

It is precisely this housing that has been fundamentally redesigned in terms of its internal structure and offers greater stability despite its lower mass. A now rougher surface should also provide more grip. The lines and the key layout correspond exactly to the 70 gram Model O Wireless. However, the tolerances for the gap dimensions were lower, promises Glorious, ultimately the quality has increased all around. However, the manufacturer has dispensed with the RGB lighting; instead, three color variants of the Model O Pro provide color accents: yellow, red and light blue.

100 US dollars, but only in “Group Buy”

At a recommended retail price of around 100 US dollars, the new input device is also cheaper than the Viper V2 Pro and G Pro X Superlight, so the mouse should certainly arouse interest among competitive shooter players who prefer fingertips. But the competition can be bought by any interested customer. This has also been the case with Glorious to date, but the Model O Pro will not be available from stock from a certain date, but can only be ordered from Glorious' until June 7, 2022. pre-order site. The Model O Pro will only be manufactured if enough interested parties do so. The manufacturer does not know whether the input device will ever be available again afterwards.

Financing for an established manufacturer?

The manufacturer markets the whole thing as a group buy. The term actually refers to the practice of members of a niche community banding together for an order that simply would not have been possible for individuals. A prominent example from the world of input devices are components or keycaps for mechanical keyboards, the financing and production of which can only be secured through a successful group buy.

The Model O Pro is only available in group buy via “Glorious Forge”

At Glorious However, this is not a group of individual mouse enthusiasts, but an established company that successfully gained a foothold three years ago with the original Model O (test).

The Model O Pro isn't Glorious' first group buy

In fact, this isn't the first time the manufacturer has used the process – the company has been organizing group buys under the name Glorious Forge since April of this year. The reasoning: Because interested parties would have to buy in advance, Glorious can assess well whether the production of a niche product is worthwhile.

While we want to serve our entire community, many of those product ideas are too niche or narrow to ever fit into our main product lineup. At the core of Glorious' ethos is keeping our product line relatively simple, each item perfected to meet the needs of many. The enthusiasts have needs beyond what we currently offer.

We've come up with an answer – Glorious Forge. Through this new sub-brand, we will release new, unique, and experimental products requested by our community via small-batch group buys. […] Think of new colorways, new materials, new sizes, layouts, shapes, components, and more – the possibilities are near endless!


So far, however, the Forge products have actually been, for example, a pink variant of a mouse that was already sold in black and white, or keyboard keycaps with a yellow-pink color gradient.

It is surprising that a new flagship mouse is treated like such niche products – after all, there should be interest if Razer and Logitech sell the concept at a higher price from stock.

It is almost ironic that the original Model O was particularly popular at the beginning because it combined the idea of ​​a fingertip grip shooter mouse that was as light as possible with availability from stock. Glorious' Success was based, among other things, on the fact that the manufacturer did not sell the mouse as a limited collector's item, as did the manufacturer Finalmouse, which has become known for its perforated mice and has rightly fallen into disrepute due to high prices and poor quality.

Marketing action or interest?

Now, however, Glorious is falling into the same pattern under the guise of the group buy term – presumably in order to increase short-term demand through artificial shortages and last-minute panic on the one hand and to generate attention on the other, as disappointed mouse enthusiasts accuse the company of on Reddit.

Apart from that, it is not necessarily to be assumed that the Model O Pro will actually only be offered in limited quantities. Firstly, because it doesn't make sense to put work into the development and production of a new mouse and then not want to derive lasting benefit from it, and secondly, because the Model O Pro is scheduled to be delivered as early as August. And that's far too early for Glorious to actually use the supposed group buy as an expression of interest – the Model O Pro should already be in production if it is to reach customers in Europe and the USA in two to three months.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Wireless Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Pro Razer Viper V2 Pro Logitech G Pro X Superlight Ergonomics: Symmetrical (Right-handed) Sensor: Glorious BAMF (PMW-3370)
Lift-Off-Distance : 1.0-2.0mm PixArt PAW-3950
Lift-Off Distance: 1.0-3.0mm Logitech Hero 25K
Lift-Off Distance: 1.0mm resolution: 100-19,000 CPI
5 levels 100-30,000 CPI
5 levels 100-25,600 CPI
5 levels Speed: 10.2 m/s 19.0 m/s 10.2 m/s Acceleration: 490 m/s² 686 m/s² 392 m/s² USB polling rate: 1,000 Hz Primary switch: Omron D2FC-F-7N , 20 million Clicks Kailh, 80 million Clicks Razer Optical, 90 million Clicks Omron D2FC-F-7N, 20 million Clicks Number of Keys: 6
Top: 4
Left Side: 2 6
Top: 3 Bottom: 1
Left Side: 2 5
Top: 3
Left Side: 2 Special Keys: Mouse Wheel< br>cpi switch mouse wheel software: 5 profiles
fully programmable
macro recording
Internal memory: 3 profiles 5 profiles
fully programmable, secondary assignment
macro recording
Internal memory: 1 profile 5 profiles
Fully programmable, secondary occupancy
Macro recording
Internal memory: 5 profiles Illumination: Color: RGB, 1 addressable zone
Modes: Breathing, Waves, Color loop
CPI indicator – Housing: 128 × 66 × 38 mm
Hard plastic
Sliding feet: PTFE (pure) 127 × 67 × 39 mm
Hard plastic, coating
Gloss elements
Sliding feet: PTFE (pure) 125 × 64 × 40 mm
Hard plastic
Sliding feet: PTFE (pure) Weight: 70 grams (without cable) 55 grams (without cable) 58 grams (without cable) 60 grams (without cable) Connection: USB-A to USB-C cable, 2.00 m, wrapped
Radio: 2.4 GHz, 5.0 meter range
Proprietary battery, 71 hrs runtime
Charging: Cable USB-A to USB-C cable, 1.80 m, coiled
Radio: 2.4 GHz
80 hrs runtime
Charging: USB-A to USB-C cable, 1.8 m, coiled
Radio: 2.4 GHz
proprietary battery, 80 hrs . Run time
Charging: USB-A to micro USB cable, 1.80 m
Radio: 2.4 GHz
Proprietary battery, 70 h runtime
Charging: cable, induction ( proprietary) Price: from €85/from €85 $100 from €160/from €160 from €107/from €108