Dieselgate, Volkswagen pays compensation of 227 million euros in the UK


The Volkswagen Group has reached an agreement with over 90,000 UK motorists for the payment of compensation in the context of the well-known dieselgate scandal. Specifically, the Germans agreed to pay 193 million pounds which at the exchange rate is almost 227 million euros to close the class action . According to what emerged, the automotive group has not officially admitted any liability.

Furthermore, the terms of the agreement would be confidential. Volkswagen, in fact, would have preferred to find an out-of-court settlement with British motorists to avoid the delays and costs of a possible trial. The manufacturer is also contributing to the payment of the legal fees of the people who initiated the class action. Philip Haarmann , chief legal officer of Volkswagen, commented:

The agreement & egrave; another important milestone, since & eacute; the Volkswagen Group is trying to overcome the highly deplorable events relating to September 2015.

As we know, the Germans have had to face numerous lawsuits after the & egrave; The installation on some diesel cars of a software that manipulated the polluting emissions was discovered. We recall that, overall, Volkswagen had to pay over 32 billion euros between compensation, fines and technical interventions.

According to what emerged, 1.2 million Volkswagen Group cars in the United Kingdom would be equipped of the software that was going to manipulate the emissions. The law firms that represented the British motorists had accused the German group of deceiving people into buying them cars that violated emissions regulations.

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