Bombardier Global 8000: the only private jet in the world that crosses the sound barrier


If you are a globetrotting billionaire and are thinking of buying a private jet, you can now choose one that travels at speed; sound . It is called Global 8000 and & egrave; was presented by Bombardier . Global 8000 is, in effect, a sort of miniature Concorde and sets new records both for the speed; which can & ograve; achieve both for flight autonomy. And speaking of Concorde, we remind you that the project to bring it back to the skies is there: it will reach & agrave; the 2.000km/h and will be; much more; silent version of the previous generation, left on the ground in 2003.

In standard equipment (because we are sure that some wealthy client will not skimp on customizing the interiors), it can; accommodate up to 19 passengers and can & ograve; travel 8,000 miles, or 14,800 km , before seeing the fuel reserve warning lights come on.

The Canadian company that makes it claims it has a speed maximum of Mach 0.94 , just below the sound barrier, but during a series of tests already the previous Global 7500 touched Mach 1,015 . Under experimental conditions, the Global 8000 is expected to do even better.

& ldquo; The Global 8000 jet & quot; & ndash; explains Eric Martel, president and CEO of Bombardier & ndash; “takes advantage of all the exceptional features of the Global 7500, establishing itself as a new flagship model in the private aviation sector and effectively opening a new era”. In fact, it is thought that it may be the only civilian aircraft to be able to fly in mode; supersonic with SAF sustainable aviation fuel.

At the moment, the new model from Bombardier is; still under development and has started flight tests. Its commercialization and actual entry into service should take place in 2025 .

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