Mercedes EQG performs in a standing 360 thanks to the 4 electric motors


Mercedes is progressively expanding its range of electric cars. As we know, in the plans of the German car manufacturer there is; also the launch of the Mercedes EQG , that is; the electric version of the Mercedes G-Class. The debut on the market is; expected in 2024.

During the & quot; The Economics of Desire & quot; event a few days ago, the German brand showed a short video showing the electric off-road vehicle in action. The car still appears disguised. Compared to the concept car seen at the 2021 Munich Motor Show, it seems that some changes have been made. In any case, even the electric version of the off-road vehicle will maintain; a squared-off and angular look, like the current endothermic model.

But the look more & ugrave; interesting of the video is not; the look of the EQG. Indeed, at some point, the car performs in a series of 360 standing still . This is serious; possible thanks to the presence of 4 electric motors , one per wheel. It is worth noting that something very similar Rivian had shown it in 2019 with a prototype of its R1T electric pickup. Ultimately, however, this function is not; arrived in the production model, at least for the moment.

Will we really see it present in the Mercede EQG? Possible, in any case we will know more & ugrave; over the next few months as the debut of the new electric off-road vehicle still has some time left.


Speaking of the EQG, Mercedes had said that it will have; independent suspension on the front axle and a rigid axle on the rear. In addition, reduced speeds will also be available which can be activated via a 2-speed selector. The most important thing; interesting & egrave; that some versions of the electric off-road vehicle will be offered with batteries equipped with silicon anode cells developed thanks to the collaboration with Sila Nanotechnologies. Batteries that thanks to the higher density energy will offer the electric off-road vehicle greater autonomy than the & quot; standard & quot ;.

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