Vettel, misadventure in Barcelona: his bag is stolen but he only finds the AirPods


In Barcelona & egrave; it also happened that Sebastian Vettel had to chase a thief to try to recover his newly stolen bag … & Eacute; This was a misadventure that involved the four-time F1 world champion after finishing the Spanish GP at 11 & deg; seat in his Aston Martin number 5.

Monday & igrave; morning the pilot was aboard his Aston Martin with his family: & egrave; a very short stop at the hotel in Barcelona was enough because the thief nibbles at the bag inside the car – open – and then disappears with the loot. Once aware of the theft, the former Ferrari driver did not & egrave; given up and, even before addressing the police, he preferred to fend for himself , like a real 007 – after all, the Aston Martin is not; James Bond's car?


The only handhold on which the pilot is & egrave; clinging were his AirPods kept inside the stolen bag: with the Where & # 39; is functionin fact, he hoped to track down the thief to regain possession of the stolen goods (and to think that even in Ukraine they were used by the military to track down the Russians …). And so it is; he took an electric scooter and he & egrave; put on the hunt. Subsequently it & egrave; also added the police, evidently warned by the family while the pilot was intent on crossing the streets of the city & agrave; Catalan at full speed; riding the two-wheeled vehicle.

The signal on the map led directly to a haberdashery in Barcelona: Vettel had made it! Too bad, however, that the thief was particularly knowledgeable about technology: evidently he had time to take a look at the contents of the bag, and as soon as he saw the AirPods he preferred to get rid of them to no longer be tracked down. End of the race for Vettel, therefore, with only the Apple earphones recovered. The bag no, though, and with it all the documents and credit cards.

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