Tesla, Elon Musk & quot; promises & quot; autonomous driving in a year


Last weekend, Elon Musk yes & egrave; traveled to Brazil to discuss with the authorities; the possibility to connect the Amazonian regions with its connectivity service; Starlink. Speaking to reporters, Musk said that Tesla may have fully self-driving vehicles, that is; without the need; of a driver or someone to monitor the car, within a year .

For Tesla's number one, therefore, pi & ugrave; or not by May next year, his cars will be able to have autonomous driving. Is not serious; the first time that Musk proposes a deadline for the arrival of full functionality; of autonomous driving on his cars. In the past, for example, Musk had even promised that by the end of 2020 there would be over a million Tesla robotaxis on the roads. More recently, however, Tesla & # 39; s number one had stated that he aims to have 1 million people by the end of the year using the new Full Self Driving on the roads.

But as we know, Elon Musk has due more & ugrave; times to scale back its ambitions on the arrival of this technology on its cars. Indeed, it has had to admit in the past that the development of autonomous driving is; more complex than he thought.

Now, however, comes yet another new promise. We will do it & agrave; to respect it? We will only find out over the next few months. Sure, the development of the new Full Self Driving is progressing a lot but the way to get to true autonomous driving is; still very long.

In addition to the difficulties There are also several regulatory problems to solve as the rules for self-driving cars vary from country to country. Sure, Tesla is working well on developing its platform but perhaps it would be better to provide further updates on how this work is progressing, rather than cyclically providing deadlines that are then not met.

However, August 19th will be held. the new AI Day 2022. It is possible that during this event people talk more and more; insight into the development of autonomous driving. For some time there has also been talk of a new and more & ugrave; powerful chip for this platform. We'll see if more news emerge.

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