Amazon installs a pair of AI cameras inside its vans


Amazon's treatment of its employees is back in the spotlight. This time the American e-commerce giant would have decided to install a series of surveillance cameras inside the cockpit of all its vans in circulation in the United Kingdom.

These are particular cameras equipped with artificial intelligence able to supervise the drivers during their shift. One of these cameras points towards the outside of the van capturing the surrounding traffic, while the second films the driver to detect any infringements or incorrect and dangerous driving behaviors such as excess speed, sudden braking or failure to use the vehicle. security belt. The cameras do not allow you to monitor the drivers in real time and do not capture the of him. The images come for & ograve; stored and, in case of need, can be used at a later time by Amazon to evaluate its drivers.


It goes without saying that the initiative drew strong media attention to the company. The Big Brother Watch, a British group for the protection of privacy is & egrave; openly against the system, calling it “excessive, intrusive and disturbing”, arguing that this type of surveillance, in addition to demoralizing drivers, could also risk distracting them . Of the same parare & egrave; even the Amazon workers union, which believes that this surveillance system does not really help the safety of drivers.

Amazon responded to the criticism through a speech in The Telegraph newspaper, noting that “ the purpose of the '' 39; introduction of this technology & egrave; to keep drivers and communities; safe & rdquo ;. Furthermore, always according to the intervention of the company on the English newspaper & quot; & egrave; a complete assessment has been made on the subject of data privacy, in compliance with all applicable laws & rdquo ;.

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