Toyota with Air Liquide and CaetanoBus for the development of mobility? hydrogen


Toyota strongly believes in hydrogen technology for the development of a mobility more sustainable and more. Over time we have seen the many projects that the Japanese carmaker has started in this area. Now, another new addition arrives. Indeed, Toyota Motor Europe has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Air Liquide and CaetanoBus . The goal is to develop integrated hydrogen solutions in Europe.


Entering more specifically, the three companies they will exploit their skills for the management of the entire mobility supply chain; hydrogen ranging from renewable or low-carbon hydrogen production, to distribution and refueling infrastructures, to use in vehicles of different segments.

Initially, the focus will be ; aimed at buses, light commercial vehicles and cars . We will work then also in the heavy truck segment. Toyota Motor Europe, Air Liquide and CaetanoBus will work to create integrated ecosystems where the supply of hydrogen and the demand for vehicles go hand in hand. This is an important step in stimulating the spread of this form of mobility. Work will be done, for example, on infrastructure and refueling stations and on offers of integrated vehicles (leasing and assistance) to clients such as taxi companies, operators in the fleet sector, authorities; local and others.

It will therefore be very interesting to find out which fruits it will bear. the joint work of these three important realities. On this collaboration agreement, Matt Harrison , President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, commented:

We are excited about the opportunity; to join forces to expand the development of hydrogen ecosystems. The role of Toyota & egrave; to bring hydrogen applications into the ecosystem. By working together with our partners, we want to accelerate and intensify the use of hydrogen as a zero-emission solution for mobility. There & ograve; will reduce gradually costs of hydrogen and related infrastructure, while improving the business model of many future applications, including mobility.

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