Tesla opens to all Superchargers in many new European countries. Italy still excluded


Tesla has significantly expanded in Europe the number of Superchargers also open to electric cars from other manufacturers . As we know, Elon Musk's company has decided to progressively make its fast charging stations accessible to other electric ones as well. A project that started in November 2021 in the Netherlands. Subsequently, it was the turn of Norway and France.

Now, & egrave; an important expansion of this project has arrived. In fact, from yesterday Tesla opened its Superchargers also in the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Spain .


It is worth noting that not all Superchargers in these new countries have been made available to non-Tesla electric cars. As we have seen in the past, the carmaker opens its charging stations to other battery-powered cars progressively. In some cases, “reserve” even some stations only to his cars.

In any case, this is very important news for electric users. In these countries, people in possession of an electric car will be able to count on several new fast charging points in addition; which will facilitate long-distance travel. To recharge from a Supercharger, remember, just use the Tesla application. The cost varies from country to country and is paid per kWh collected.

To be & quot; less happy & quot; will be the owners of a Tesla. Is not serious; a mystery that many of them did not appreciate Elon Musk's project. Superchargers have always been an added value. Thanks to them, even when the public charging network was not particularly widespread, the owners of an electric car of the American brand have always been able to face a long journey without major problems. Fear & egrave; that, with the arrival of the other electric ones, the charging experience may be compromised.

In any case, the opening of these stations to the other electric ones, will allow & agrave; to Tesla to get more revenue which will be used to expand more & ugrave; quickly its network of stations for fast charging.

WHAT ABOUT ITALY? > 39 final goal of El & Musk & egrave; to get to open in all the countries where & egrave; present Supercharger stations to other electric cars. A process that will obviously take some time. There & ograve; means that in the future, also in Italy the recharging points of the American manufacturer will be able to be used by the battery-powered cars of other car manufacturers.

For our country, at the moment, not there is precise information on the times. Therefore, one cannot & ograve; to do is wait for news by the American car manufacturer.

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