SPC Gear Lix (Plus) Wireless: Inexpensive mice with high-end technology learn how to transmit


In 2020, the first mice came onto the market with the SPC Gear LIX and the LIX Plus (test) SilentiumPCs. Sparking new editions of the shooter mouse concept are now following at a lower price. It includes – at least with the LIX Plus Wireless – modern high-end technology. Both input devices are available immediately.

Familiar exterior with a new interior

SilentiumPC's peripheral brand hasn't changed anything on the outside of the LIX mice. They are still two lightweight, right-handed symmetrical shooter mice with a perforated chassis. Nothing has changed with the flexibly wrapped cable and the lacquered PTFE mouse feet. Only the mass of the two input devices increased by 10 grams to 69 grams compared to the wired counterparts. However, the view inside is more interesting.

In any case, apart from the module for the 2.4 GHz radio with 1,000 Hertz, there are new sensors and new microswitches. In the case of the LIX Wireless, SPC Gear relies on PixArt's PAW-3335, while the high-end model PAW-3370 works in the LIX Plus. Both sensors are optimized for their energy efficiency, which is why the manufacturer also speaks of a long battery life – but there is no specific information. Omron's D2FC series Kailh switches had to make way for the buttons. From now on, the GM 4.0 will be working in the LIX, in the LIX Plus SPC Gear is relying on the slightly smoother GM 8.0, which should go hand in hand with a longer service life.

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SPC Gear LIX Plus Wireless
SPC Gear LIX Plus Wireless
SPC Gear LIX Plus Wireless
SPC Gear LIX Plus Wireless
SPC Gear LIX Plus Wireless
SPC Gear LIX Plus Wireless
SPC Gear LIX Plus Wireless
SPC Gear LIX Wireless

The usual settings regarding the sensors, the key assignment or the RGB lighting can be made using the associated software. SPC Gear is silent on a possible internal memory of the LIX Wireless and LIX Plus Wireless. However, since the wired variants have a memory for a software profile, it should be assumed that the wireless variants can also save at least one profile.

Cheap high-end hardware – but perforated

Apart from the perforated housing, the LIX Plus Wireless corresponds to the high-end standard of the year 2022. For example, Pulsars Xlite Wireless or Fnatics Bolt Wireless have exactly the same specifications. However, the price differs significantly: while the latter two mice both come with a recommended retail price of 90 euros, the LIX Plus Wireless should only cost 60 euros. The LIX Wireless costs just under 50 euros. According to SPC Gear, both input devices should be available immediately.

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Another difference lies in the holes in the housing mentioned. On the back of the mouse, these are usually irrelevant for the haptics, but SPC Gears mice also come with holes on the sides – and thus the areas that are particularly relevant to the haptics of the fingertip grip. In the case of the wired LIX models, the remedy was the GEM (Plus), which is more or less the same mouse with a closed chassis. It remains to be seen whether a GEM (Plus) Wireless will follow soon.

SPC Gear LIX Wireless SPC Gear GEM PlusSPC Gear LIXSPC Gear LIX PlusSPC Gear LIX Plus Wireless ✔SPC Gear LIX Wireless ✔ SPC Gear LIX Plus Wireless SPC Gear GEM PlusSPC Gear LIXSPC Gear LIX PlusSPC Gear LIX Plus Wireless ✔SPC Gear LIX Wireless ✔ Ergonomics: Symmetrical (Right-handed) Sensor: PixArt PAW-3335
Optical PixArt PAW-3370
Optical Resolution: 100-16,000 CPI
5 levels 100-19,000 CPI
5 levels Speed: 10.2 m/s acceleration : 392 m/s² 490 m/s² USB polling rate: 1,000 Hz Primary button: Kailh GM 4.0, 60 mio. Clicks Kailh GM 8.0, 80 million Clicks Number of Keys: 6
Top: 4
Left Side: 2 Special Keys: Mouse Wheel
cpi Switcher Software: 5 Profiles
Fully Programmable
Macro Recording Illumination: Color: RGB
Modes: Breathing , waves, color loop Housing: 126 × 66 × 39 mm
Hard plastic
Glossy elements
Sliding feet: PTFE base (painted) Weight: 69 grams (without cable) Connection: USB-A to USB-C Cable, 1.80 m, braided
Radio: 2.4 GHz
proprietary battery
Charging: cable Price: from €50 from €60