Northvolt, deliveries of batteries designed and manufactured in Europe start


Northvolt had started production of the first battery cells in its factory in Skellefte & aring; , in Sweden, towards the end of December 2021. The company was confident of being able to bring production to full capacity and to be able to start the first deliveries during the first part of 2022. A milestone that is; was achieved as Northvolt announced it had initiated deliveries of its cells to customers .

The start of deliveries of batteries designed and manufactured in Europe to car manufacturers can be achieved; consider it as the first small step of the European automotive industry that aims to decrease the dependence on Asian companies for the supply of accumulators.

The brands that have received the batteries produced by this company & agrave; have not yet been specified. For the moment, we only know that the company has signed supply agreements worth approximately $ 50 billion with several car manufacturers including BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo and Polestar. About 1,000 employees currently work in this factory, which will soon increase. In fact, the company & agrave; is hiring about 150 new people per month. To reach full capacity, between 3,000 and 4,000 employees will be needed. The Skellefte & aring; can & ograve; reach a ability; annual production of 60 GWh .

But Northvolt's expansion plans are very ambitious. Indeed, & egrave; already the construction of two further battery factories is planned: one again in Sweden through the joint venture with Volvo and one in Germany.


Not just battery production. Indeed, the company will strive; also in the habit of recycling accumulators . A few days ago & egrave; entered into operation the pi & ugrave; large plant in Europe for the recycling of batteries built by the joint venture between Northvolt and Hydro. Lae factory & egrave; capable of processing approximately 12,000 tons of battery packs per year (equivalent to approximately 25,000 batteries), with the goal of reaching 70,000 tons of battery packs per year by 2025 and 300,000 tons of battery packs per year 39; year by 2030.

Thanks to the technology used within the plant, it is; up to 95% of the battery materials can be recovered.

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