Model O Pro: Glorious teases a new Model O without holes


Glorious PC Gaming Race is sometimes best known for gaming mice with a perforated chassis. The first of these was the Model O (test) in spring 2019, which is now also available wirelessly as the Model O Wireless (test). The manufacturer is now announcing another Model O that is intended to serve the pro segment.

Light, lighter, less and less light

This means particularly light shooter mice with high-end innards, such as Logitech's G Pro X Superlight (test) or Razer's recently introduced Viper V2 Pro. With a mass of 58 grams, the latter is currently the lightest wireless mouse in its performance class, which comes with a completely closed housing. The Model O Pro aims to change that, Glorious promises a weight of just 55 grams. Not only is the mass getting smaller, the gap to the previous leader is also gradually decreasing: The G Pro X Superlight weighs around 62 grams and the Viper Ultimate (test) was 74 grams.

Presentation next week

Besides the weight and a short teaser video on Reddit is meanwhile still little known. You can only see an unchanged set of keys, a USB-C connection and new color directions. The small Glorious Forge logo on the right side indicates that it is an input device from Glorious'. Product line is often only available in limited numbers of niche products.

The Model O Pro with all specifications will not be presented until May 24th. Then it will become clear whether it is a completely new mouse, or ultimately just an adapted Model O Wireless. The latter weighs around 70 grams, so at least the case has to be different. The price for the USA is already known, it is around 100 US dollars before taxes.