Lancia confirms: in 2024 the new Ypsilon. The new Delta in 2028


Lancia shared new details of its strategic plan for the next 10 years of part of which was already; been anticipated in the past. Starting from 2024, 3 new models will arrive, one every two years to have a range capable of covering 50% of the market. Furthermore, from 2026 only 100% electric vehicles will debut and from 2028 only 100% electric cars will be sold. Luca Napolitano , CEO Lancia, commented:

Today it is; an important day. Lancia & egrave; ready for Europe, taking yet another step forward with the goal of becoming a credible and respected brand in the premium market. Our 10-year strategic plan, approved last September, is being implemented very quickly, one step after another. Our & egrave; the Italian brand of elegance and this is; our Renaissance. Timeless innovation and design have always been our values ​​and to these we want to add sustainability, centrality; of the customer and responsibility; because & eacute; we look to the future with great ambition.


So, let's go! from 2024 when it will debut the new launch Ypsilon that will be & agrave; a model with 100% electrified engine (both hybrid and electric model). Napolitano states that the car will be & agrave; of segment B and will be; almost 4 meters long. Two years later and precisely in 2026 , it will be & agrave; the turn of the new flagship, the new Aurelia , which will be 4.6 meters long. Since Lancia will launch from 2026; only new electric models, it seems clear that this model will be; proposed only with an electric powertrain.

In 2028 will arrive, however, probably the most; expected. On that date, in fact, Lancia will report & agrave; in life the Delta which will be 4.4 meters long. The CEO talks about a car with geometric lines, sculpted and muscular and that will do & agrave; beat the heart of fans across Europe '. Obviously, the new Delta will also be; electric.

For its relaunch strategy, Lancia prester & agrave; a lot of attention also to the use of innovative materials , which will make it the brand of Stellantis with the most; high percentage of recycled materials, with 50% of the surfaces that touch, made with eco-sustainable materials.

Furthermore, inside, all future new models will offer a welcoming environment with lots of technology. Speaking of innovation, Lancia will propose & agrave; Sound Air Light Augmented which will be a virtual interface, essential and intelligent, with which the customer, with the use of a single button, will have; total control of the passenger compartment, from the audio system to the air conditioning system, up to the lighting.

As before; announced in the past, Lancia will return in the future; also in Europe. We will leave always with the new Ypsilon, which will disembark; also in France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Spain, in the first half & agrave; of 2024. The brand will be; present in Europe in 60 major cities, with a network of 100 dealers, with 50% of online sales. For this, the brand has appointed new managers for France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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