XPG Alpha Wireless: Adata's mouse comes without 1 TB of memory for games for now


At the beginning of the year, the manufacturer Adata, which is actually known for memory, showed a concept mouse with memory for games. Now the XPG Alpha is actually supposed to appear as a wired and wireless variant, but there is no longer any talk of game memory. Instead, there is standard fare at an unknown cost.

Instead of 1000 GB, standard fare is waiting inside

The mouse presented as an XPG Vault should offer up to 1 TB of storage space for video games. The idea: Users could take their own games library with them everywhere. That sounded interesting, but not a word is mentioned again when the finished mouse is presented. What remains is the XPG Alpha. With the help of artificial intelligence, Adata has succeeded in designing the “optimal mouse shape”. The manufacturer promises “a balance between form and function” and a “focus on ergonomics”.

Ultimately, it is a normal right-handed mouse with a thumb rest and three additional buttons. PixArt's PAW-3335 energy-efficient mid-range sensor works inside the XPG Alpha and XPG Alpha Wireless, flanked by Omron microswitches with a specified lifetime of 60 million clicks. The triangular button behind the mouse wheel offers “excellent flexibility”. From the factory, the button is intended for sequentially switching through the sensor resolution.

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XPG Alpha
XPG Alpha
XPG Alpha
XPG Alpha Wireless
XPG Alpha Wireless < /figure>

In the case of the wireless version, both 2.4 GHz radio and Bluetooth are available apart from the USB-A to USB-C cable. The battery life is up to 60 hours – the only question that remains is which of the two radio modes this information applies to. Adata only points out that the runtime can vary with the setting of the RGB lighting. This Prime software, which is associated with XPGs, can be configured in three zones. The sensor settings or the key assignment can also be adjusted in this way.

Not only the weight leaves questions

There is one more curiosity: Adata reserves a tolerance of plus or minus 5 grams for the weight of the two mice. According to the data sheet, the XPG Prime weighs 78 grams and the XPG Prime Wireless weighs a heavy 98 grams. The two mice should appear in the coming days; there is no information on the prices.

It also remains unclear whether the Prime Vault with 1 TB of storage space will ever appear. Perhaps the 1000 GB would simply be too heavy – after all, with a gaming mouse every kilobyte less mass is important, at least according to Razer. Meanwhile, Adata drew attention to itself at the IFA 2019 with an unusual concept mouse from the 3D printer. Artificial intelligence was already involved back then, but the input device ultimately never came onto the market.

Adata XPG Alpha Adata XPG Alpha Wireless Ergonomics: Right-handed Sensor: PixArt PAW-3335
Optical Resolution: 100-16,000 CPI
6 levels Speed: 10.2 m/s Acceleration: 392 m/s² USB – Polling rate: 1,000 Hz Primary button: Omron, 60 million Clicks Number of Keys: 6
Top: 4
Left side: 2 special keys: mouse wheel
cpi switch software: fully programmable
Internal memory Lighting: Color: RGB, 3 addressable zones
Modes: Breathing , waves, color loop
Reactive Housing: 128 × 78 × 40 mm
Hard plastic Weight: 78 grams (without cable) 98 grams (without cable) Connection: USB-A cable, 1.80 m, coiled 6ft USB-A to USB-C cable, braided
Radio: 2.4GHz
Proprietary battery, 60 hrs runtime
Charging: Cable Price: –