TIER, shared electric bikes land in Milan


TIER Mobility announced that it has expanded its offer of sharing services in Milan . The company, in fact, after introducing its electric scooters, has also made available a fleet of well 1,000 electric bikes . With this innovation, TIER Mobility aims to promote sustainable forms of transport within the city; of Milan.

The eBike offer will be; complementary to that of electric scooters. Bikes, in fact, allow people to cover longer distances; high. L & rsquo; goal & egrave; make more and more; smart travels within cities & agrave; and decongest traffic.


sharing service Access the new bike /strong> offered by TIER Mobility & egrave; very simple. To activate the bike rental just use the QR code integrated on the vehicle or directly via the app. EBikes can be rented in places in the city; within the operational area that extends from the center to the suburbs.

How much does it cost? The rental of electric bikes has a cost equivalent to that of scooters. So, let's talk about 19 cents per minute of use as well as 1 euro for activation. The whole can & ograve; be paid through PayPal or credit card. The company & agrave; also provides packages and subscriptions that allow users to save on the activation cost or to use the service at an advantageous price.

At the end of the ride, the bicycle can be; be parked inside the operational area indicated by the map in the app. We recall that TIER Mobility had landed on the Italian market in December 2021 thanks to the acquisition of Vento Mobility. In Italy, the TIER Mobility sharing eBikes were already; available in Rome. Saverio Galardi , General Manager Italy of TIER, on this novelty; commented:

The multimodality & agrave; & egrave; the key to affirming micro-mobility in the cities European and Tier & egrave; global leader in the sector, we are therefore proud to bring our European service of excellence to Milan as well. We are very excited about the work we are doing both in Italy and abroad.

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