Mercedes EQG, the electric G-Class will have? of batteries with silicon anode


At the 2021 Munich Motor Show we were able to take a close look at the Mercedes EQG, a concept that anticipates the future electric Mercedes G-Class . Since that moment, no particular information has arrived on this car that will debut. on the market only in a few years. Finally, a novelty arrives; interesting that concerns the batteries available to you the future EQG. In fact, the German car manufacturer has signed a agreement with Sila Nanotechnologies . It is a company that deals with the development of the chemistry of battery cells. Specifically, of cells with silicon anode .

The agreement is very important for the electric Mercedes G-Class as it is; the model has been communicated of batteries equipped with cells with silicon anode. However, it is also highlighted that these batteries will be offered as an & quot; optional & quot ;. Thus, it appears that future buyers of the EQG will be able to choose between “traditional” batteries. and those with cells with silicon anode.

GREATER DENSITY? ENERGY This technology allows strong > increase the density; energy of 20-40% , reaching over 800 Wh/l at the cell level. Therefore, there & ograve; it means that Mercedes EQGs equipped with these batteries will have greater autonomy than versions with “traditional” batteries. Both Mercedes and Sila expect the new batteries to be available on the EQG by the half & agrave; of the decade .

Mercedes started investing in Sila in 2019. The supply agreement must be seen as an evolving nature of this investment and as a further important step in the German brand's ambitious electrification strategy. The reason for focusing on EQG for the debut of cells equipped with this new technology could derive from the fact that this model, by its nature, will present; very high consumption and therefore will have; need for larger capacity batteries; possible.

You can & ograve; speculate that silicon anode batteries will be offered on the top-of-the-range variants of the EQG. But we will find out over time when Mercedes will offer; more information about the car. In any case, progressively, this technology will be; made available also on other cars of the German car manufacturer.


We remind you that Mercedes' goal is; however, to propose a model that does not break with tradition. The concept presented in Munich featured a frame with side members and cross members, with independent suspension on the front axle and a rigid axle on the rear. The concept also offered reduced speeds that could be activated via a 2-speed selector. Few details on the powertrain except that it is characterized by the presence of 4 electric motors , one per wheel.

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