Beta 1 of watchOS 8.7 is out for developers


Apple has already reached the sixth upcoming update for the Apple Watch with the latest beta of watchOS 8.7. This summer, Apple will also test watchOS 9, but at the same time there will be a test of watchOS 8.7. Anyway: will Apple be testing new features in the beta of watchOS 8.7 or will it just be improvements behind the scenes? That should remain in the coming weeks.

Latest watchOS 8.7 Beta

watchOS 8.7 Beta 1

May 18, 2022 – The first beta of watchOS 8.7 is ready for developers and has build number 19U5027c. If anything new is discovered, you will read about it later in this article.

Download watchOS 8.7 beta

The watchOS 8.7 beta is available to developers with the appropriate beta profile. If you have already installed a previous beta of watchOS, you will see the update appear automatically. We expect the beta to be available to public testers soon.

Note: these betas are for developers only and public testers are not suitable for use on devices that you need every day.

About watchOS 8.7
Apple will announce watchOS 9 in June, but before that happens, watchOS 8.7 will be released sometime this summer. We don't expect to see major new features in this, but Apple can still add a few small useful improvements. There are no overdue features in watchOS 8 yet to be released. We therefore mainly rely on bug fixes, but if there is something new in watchOS 8.7, we'll let you know here.

Timeline watchOS 8.7 beta

Below is a timeline of the watchOS 8.7 beta's. We expect watchOS 8.7 in Summer 2022.

  • watchOS 8.7 Beta 1: May 18, 2022 (released; build number 19U5027c)
  • watchOS 8.7 Final: June/July 2022< /li>

About testing beta's
When testing beta's you can often run into problems. First of all, not all functions are usually available immediately, but they are added and expanded during the test period. You may also suffer from crashes or some apps may not yet work properly. So keep this in mind if you decide to test a watchOS update. It is therefore not recommended to install a beta on a device that you use every day, because there can still be many problems in the beta. WatchOS also does not allow you to downgrade.

This article will be republished with new betas as we update the newly added features.