Tesla: stop to bookings for the Cybertruck in Europe and China


Tesla has decided to block Cybertruck bookings in Europe and China . Currently, the electric pickup can & ograve; be booked in North America only. No official information was shared as to why; of this decision. However, the reason could be sought in the words of Elon Musk in a recent interview with the Financial Times. The number one of Tesla, in fact, had said that it would be possible to block the orders of the most important models; popular if delivery times were significantly extended.

A choice due to the fact that Tesla is also suffering from the problem of supplying components . Musk's words were a reference above all to models like the Model 3 and Model Y whose delivery times are really getting longer. However, we know that the Cybertruck & egrave; late and the first deliveries are expected only in 2023. Pi & ugrave; moreover, Musk had sometimes pointed out that among the problems of the start of the production of the electric pickup there was also that of the supply of components.

Also, while Tesla hasn't given any indication of Cybertruck's bookings for a long time, Musk recently claimed that Tesla had enough bookings for three years of production . In addition to all this, it must be remembered that the priority of the company is the American market. With each launch of new models, the first cars are delivered to customers in this market. Furthermore, more & ugrave; times yes & egrave; talked about the fact that the Cybertruck could have homologation problems in the European market. Precisely for this reason, in the past it was speculated of a more advanced version; small specification for the Old Continent.

So, in light of all this, it is no surprise that Tesla has decided to stop reservations outside the North American market. And of the Cybertruck, the American company still has to tell several things. As we know, it is carrying out the development of the series model that it will present; some differences with the initial prototype. Also, it seems there will be; also a powertrain with 4 electric motors that we still know very little about.

All details that will be revealed when Tesla presents & agrave; the definitive model. The Cybertruck will be & agrave; produced inside the new Gigafactory of Texas .

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