Hyundai, custom design for the new electric


According to the British magazine Autocar, on the occasion of the delivery of the Autocar Awards 2022 the head of design Hyundai SangYup Lee stated that the new electric models will each have a hostile developed and customized according to their needs and role within the range and will not undergo the homologation imposed by the concept of a common family feeling as done by many manufacturers, risking to expire in the so-called & ldquo; Matryoshka effect & rdquo; and to propose the same car in different sizes.


Lee expressed the concept by comparing the vehicles to the elements of the game of chess, all different from each other but which once deployed make up a whole with well-defined roles. The same is intended to do with electric cars, whose design will be; dictated by the positioning on the market and the intended use of each .


According to the executive, electrification has helped facilitate this turnaround because offers more; possibility to wander with respect to the approach that was had with traditional cars: & ldquo; before, Hyundai design was included in certain canons, it went from here to here, without leaving it. Now we can think more broad & rdquo; The best example is the new Ioniq 5, which sports a design, not surprisingly already; appreciated and awarded, strongly characterized even if with various references to the past of the brand. A philosophy that the House will maintain; as well as technological and stylistic elements such as the & ldquo; pixel & rdquo; graphic solutions, which allow you to obtain different effects.


Lee also spoke about the positioning of the brand itself , which intends to revise its image in the eyes of the public, passing from a manufacturer attentive to the quality-price ratio to a manufacturer of & quot; design and living & quot; cars, original and functional also in the so-called & ldquo; user experience & rdquo; way to make the customer interact with the car.

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