European auto market, April 2022 closes sharply


The moment of difficulty continues; of the European auto market . According to the data communicated by ACEA, in the month of April 2022 there is & # 39; & egrave; there was a 20.6% drop in registrations at the level of the European Union compared to the same period of 2021. In detail, 684,506 cars were registered against 862,443 in 2021. ACEA underlines that not considering the month of April 2020 which was heavily penalized by the lockdown, April 2022 & egrave; It was the worst month of April since they started collecting registration data.

According to the association, the supply chain problem, which continues to weigh on activities, contributes to these negative results; of car production. In addition, we cannot forget the economic effects of the pandemic.

In the month as of April 2022, all the main markets of the European Union achieved particularly negative results: Italy (-33.0%), France (-22.6%), Germany (-21.5%) and Spain (- 12.1%). Looking at the numbers of the first 4 months of the year , again at the European Union level there were 2,930,366 registrations, equal to a decrease of 14.4% compared to the same period of 2021 (3,422. 714 unit & agrave;).

Among the main markets, in this first part of 2022, Italy recorded the worst result with a decline of 26.5%. Followed by France (-18.6%), Spain (-11.8%) and Germany (-9.0%). And looking at the numbers of the automotive groups, the results only mostly & ugrave; negatives with very few exceptions.

In April 2022, the Volkswagen Group registered a collapse of 27.1%. Worse did Stellantis with a -32.1%. The Renault Group, on the other hand, closed the month of April 2022 with a -18.2%. Among the very few positive signs that of the Hyundai Group which achieved growth of 10.8%.

This difficult situation; seems destined to last a long time since the problem of the supply of components is; still far from being solved. As we have seen in recent days, several car manufacturers have reported that they have had to review production plans in some plants. To all this is added economic uncertainty .

[Data source: ACEA]

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