Elon Musk announces the second AI Day: will it be held? on August 19


Elon Musk communicated that 19 August 2022 will hold; a new AI Day . Tesla has begun to organize eventual annuals similar to what other companies do. After Tesla Autonomy Day in 2019 and Battery Day in 2020, the company & agrave; American had organized the first AI Day in 2021, which took place in the month of August. During this meeting, several things were discussed including the humanoid robot Tesla Bot now known as Tesla Optimus.

Apparently, 2022 will be held in 2022. a second edition of the AI ​​Day event. Curiously the chosen date, August 19th, is identical to that of last year's appointment. Musk did not provide any particular details. Tesla's CEO only talked about “cool updates” and that the event will serve to convince new talents in the fields of artificial intelligence, software and chips to join Tesla.

But what can we expect from this event? We will probably talk about it. of the progress of the new Full Self Driving that Tesla is experimenting also thanks to the collaboration of some of its customers. The American manufacturer is also developing a new version of its chip for autonomous driving, and AI Day could be the right occasion to present it. It seems there will be; space also for Tesla Optimus as Musk confirmed on Twitter that it will be held; a short demonstration.

The themes of the event could be really many and it is not; not even said that there are no surprises.

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