Bentley promises 1,400 hp for its first electric


Bentley aims to become an electric-only brand from 2030. The first battery-powered model, as we know, debutter & agrave; in 2025. Not many details are known about this car but, apparently, it will be; very powerful and fast. At least, this is; as stated by Adrian Hallmark , CEO of the English brand, in an interview with Automotive News.


Hallmark says that the first electric Bentley will be; able to offer up to 1,400 HP . It is more & ugrave; twice the power of around 650 hp of today's GT Speed. And speaking of performance, the CEO of the British carmaker talks about about 1.5 seconds for acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h). Supercar numbers, truly impressive, if confirmed when it arrives; the car in a few years. After all, the advent of mobility electric has favored the increase of the powers with the performances that have improved accordingly.

Bentley, however, will offer; to customers the possibility; to choose the level of performance through probably some modalities; driving specifications. Hallmark did not want to reveal the shapes of the car but it will be; different from the current Continental GT, Flying Spur and Bentayga which, in the future, will also be fully electrified. In the past, the CEO, speaking of the first electric, had however hinted that it could have shapes similar to those of an SUV. However, the British brand intends to make sure that this model does not look like other electric cars .

Bentley's first BEV pogger & agrave; on the PPE platform that Audi has developed with Porsche and which will be; used on models of the caliber, for example, of the future electric Porsche Macan. By using this platform, Bentley will be able to take advantage of the synergies of the Volkswagen Group in terms of powertrains and batteries.

Speaking of prices, the first electric of the British brand will cost; around 250 thousand euros. This model will be only the first of 5 battery-powered cars that the car manufacturer intends to launch on the market from 2025 to 2029. All that remains, therefore, is to wait for more details to understand how it will be; this vehicle. The electric Bentley will be made in Crewe, England.

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