3dfx, ATi, Nvidia, Intel: 600 pages of hardware gems from the retro community


On almost 600 pages, the “Retro-Hardware Bilder-Thread” launched on October 20, 2018 by community member “andi_sco” with its almost 12,000 posts provides great impressions the real hardware pearls from the very active sub-forum “Retro-Ecke”. Hardware from 3dfx, ATi, Nvidia and Intel is represented.

PC hardware, game consoles and much more

In addition to CPUs such as the Intel Pentium III used on the cover and rare graphics cards such as the ATi Radeon X1950 XT from ComputerBase reader “cl4w”, whose 90 nm graphics processor RV580+ was kept at the right temperature with the help of a cooling solution with a Peltier element, are also retro – Game consoles from various generations of the 8-, 16- and 32-bit era are represented in the thread.

The Sega Master Drive II in the PAL version of forum member “ChiliSchaf”, which became a hit especially in Brazil and was offered until 1998.

ATI Radeon X1950 XT (image : cl4w)
ATi Radeon X1950 XT (Image: cl4w)

Originally released in Japan on October 29, 1988, the first real revision of Sega's 16-bit gaming console has received several mods and reveals a very basic motherboard by today's standards.

Sega Mega Drive II (image: cl4w)
Sega Mega Drive II (Image: ChiliSchaf)

The reader “Senvo”, who presents a real “retro smartwatch” that can display the time, date and day and measure times “without batteries”, proves that humor in particular is not neglected in the retro corner.

Retro smartwatch (Image: Senvo)

< h2 class="text-width text-h2" id="section_800000_calls_and_uncountable_retroprojects">800,000 views and countless retro projects

The “Retro-Hardware Bilder-Thread” has been accessed more than 800,000 times to date, making it the most popular retro project at the moment and the first port of call for retro fans in the ComputerBase forum.

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The 100 issues of C:B_retro deal with other exciting editorial retro topics.

Bring on the instructions!

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In order to report even more frequently and up-to-date on new developments and projects from the community in the future the editors ask for information in the thread at any time “From the community: your references to interesting reader articles”.