You will soon be able to quietly leave a WhatsApp group


Have you ever been unsolicited added to a large WhatsApp group? Leaving such a WhatsApp group unseen is then quite an art, because everyone sees a notification as soon as someone leaves a group. WABetaInfo has discovered that WhatsApp is working on an improvement in this area.

Quietly leaving a WhatsApp group soon

In a new beta of WhatsApp on the desktop, a new notification can be seen when leaving a group. The notification states that only you and administrators of the group will be notified of your departure. This means that the notification is no longer visible to everyone in the chat. This will be especially useful for very large groups, because there is a greater chance that people will be added and left regularly. If these are contacts that are not in your address book, there is a good chance that the chat will soon fill up with notifications of phone numbers that have been added and then leave. That quickly makes such a large chat cluttered.

A WhatsApp group can currently consist of a maximum of 256 participants, but this will soon be expanded to 512 participants. In this context, this change comes with the warning of departed persons as called. But that also means that everyone can leave a WhatsApp group fairly unseen. Only the administrators will receive a notification. Other participants of the group can of course still check the list of participants to see if you are still part of the group.

It is not known when this improvement will be available to everyone. WhatsApp is working on several improvements for groups. In addition to the larger number of participants, WhatsApp is also working on Communities where groups are combined, as it were. Also read our article with new features of WhatsApp that are still under development.