Storedot: its new batteries recharge 160 km in 5 minutes, here is the proof


The Israeli company StoreDot made a demonstration of the capacity; charging of the cells for the batteries of the electric cars it is developing. Proof that you & egrave; held at EcoMotion Week 2022 in Israel, an event that brings together major car manufacturers including General Motors, Volvo, Ford, Continental, Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Hyundai. In particular, the company has shown progress in the development of batteries called “ 100in5 ''. These are accumulators that will allow you to recover 100 miles of range (160 km) in 5 minutes . They will have a density; energy of about 300 Wh/kg and according to a previous Storedot roadmap should debut in 2024.


In the demonstration, Storedot used a 300×100 mm (24 Ah) pouch cell produced at the EVE Energy plant in China. The cell is it was then recharged for about ten minutes and the company showed all the parameters of the cell during the test. How can you & ograve; note, the cell starts charging at 135 A which maintains up to 69% when the power starts to drop. This is a very interesting charging curve. It is also worth noting that at the beginning of the test, the temperature of the cell it was just over 23 degrees. During the charging phases, the temperature reached 33.1 degrees. Storedot explains that this is a temperature well below that judged as critical for the functioning of the accumulator.

A demonstration with positive results, then. Obviously, the development work is not; finished. Before arriving at having cells ready for mass production, it will be necessary to still wait a while. The company & agrave; in fact, it makes it known that it has developed prototypes capable of withstanding 1,200 charge and discharge cycles. Now, Storedot aims to make cells for use in cars that can withstand 1,000 charge and discharge cycles. The goal is to make them by the end of the year to ensure that they are ready for commercialization by 2024.

Remember that the Israeli company aims to further evolve these cells to offer in 2028 100in3 batteries (solid state): 100 miles or 160 km recovered in 3 minutes of charge (cells with density of 450 Wh/kg). Finally, in 2032 the 100in2 batteries should arrive: 100 miles or 1 60 km recovered in 2 minutes of charge (cells with density higher than 550 Wh/kg).

Several car manufacturers are looking at Storedot's technology, including Volvo, which recently invested in this company.

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