McLaren enters Formula E by taking over the Mercedes team


McLaren Racing has decided to broaden its commitment to motorsport. In fact, starting next year, he will run also in the Formula E championship. To enter this series, McLaren Racing has decided to acquire the Mercedes-EQ team . The conclusion of the acquisition operation is waiting by the end of the year. For the time being, the Formula E team will be & agrave; still led by Ian James.

The names of the pilots and the supplier of the engines will be announced more; after you. That McLaren could decide to land in this championship is not surprising. In January 2021, in fact, he had signed an option to be able to participate in the electric championship in the 2022/23 season, that is; when the new Gen3 single-seaters that have recently been speeded will debut.


McLaren Racing makes it known that with the entry into Formula E its will not change commitments in the other categories of motorsport where & egrave; present and that is; in Formula 1, in Extreme E and in IndyCar. The English team also let it be known that it will continue & agrave; his commitment to the world of eSports.

McLaren Racing adds that the entry into this new series not only reflects its commitment to electric motorsport, but also its goal of accelerating its path to sustainability. and to reach a new and more diverse audience. All that remains is to wait for further news on McLaren Racing's plans for the Formula E championship. On this important news, Zak Brown , CEO of McLaren Racing, said:

< blockquote>

McLaren Racing is always striving to compete with the best and be on the cutting edge of technology, offering our fans, partners and people new ways to be excited, entertained and inspired. Formula E, like all of our motorsport series, meets all these criteria.

As in all forms of sport in which we participate, Formula E has racing at the center, but it will be; strategically, commercially and technically additional to McLaren Racing as a whole.

& Egrave; It is also a satisfaction to provide a home to the class-leading Formula E team that Mercedes has built, which it will become; an integral part of the McLaren Racing family. Despite being operated separately by our F1 and IndyCar teams, Formula E complements and develops our electric racing program together with Extreme E.

I strongly believe that Formula E dar & agrave ; McLaren Racing an advantage through a greater understanding of electric, while providing an alternative to our fans, partners and employees and continuing to guide us along our path of sustainability.

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