Gaming flat rate: Ubisoft+ is coming to the PlayStation


Ubisoft has announced that it will also bring its own Ubisoft+ game subscription to the PlayStation. Ubisoft had already announced at the beginning of this year that it would also bring the games flat rate with more than 100 games to the Xbox, but this has not yet happened.

Ubisoft+ Classics for PlayStation Plus

Ubisoft does not give a date for the new announcement for the PlayStation either, but announces that a new Ubisoft + subscription for PlayStation Plus will be published in Europe from June 23rd. The service, called Ubisoft+ Classics, is to be rolled out gradually and includes a list of curated classic games such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Tom Clancy's The Division and For Honor as well as Child of Light, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Far Cry 4, Steep, South Park : The fractured but whole, The Crew 2, Trials Rising and Watch_Dogs. Initially, the new service includes 27 games, but the range is expected to grow to more than 50 games by the end of this year, and more games will be added regularly thereafter.

Part of the two more expensive PS Plus subscriptions

Ubisoft+ Classics is included in the PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium plans as part of Sony's new plan structure for PlayStation Plus. Accordingly, the availability of Ubisoft+ Classics is also linked to the introduction of the new Sony subscriptions, because the new PlayStation Plus does not start at the same time worldwide. First, Ubisoft+ Classics will be available in Asia on May 24th, followed by Japan on June 2nd, Americas on June 13th and then Europe on June 23rd.

No details on prices yet

Ubisoft+ is currently available for PC, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna (US only). Ubisoft+ customers can play current games at the flat rate on the day of release and receive additional game content and rewards. It is currently not known whether Ubisoft+ on the PlayStation will adopt the tariff structure of the PC and will only be offered together with a subscription for the PC. On the PC, Ubisoft+ currently costs 14.99 euros per month, while the multi-platform subscription costs 17.99 euros.