Europe, including Ford (and Volvo) to stop thermal engines by 2035


The European Union has received a letter signed by several realities; belonging to different industrial and economic sectors so that & eacute; from 2035 onwards all cars and vans sold in the Old Continent are exclusively zero-emission. Also among the petitioners are Ford of Europe and Volvo Cars who support, like other companies & agrave; who took part in the initiative, that this is a necessary measure so that & eacute; we arrive at 2050 without more & ugrave; vehicles equipped with endothermic propulsion in circulation on the roads.

Within that year, in fact, Europe aims to achieve complete neutrality; carbonic. On the other hand, the perspective fits perfectly with the strategies of the manufacturers: Ford, in particular, is & egrave; already committed to phasing out internal combustion vehicles from its range by 2035 and achieving neutrality at the same time; of net carbon, while for Volvo the goodbye to traditional engines & egrave; even set for 2030.


Staying on Ford, the launch already fits into this perspective; made of the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Ford E-Transit as the first electric passenger and commercial vehicles on the market, but the future brings with s & eacute; the & ldquo; reinforcements & rdquo;: by 2024 lancer & agrave; seven other models, such as the new E-Transit Custom and an electric version of the Ford Puma.


This is why & eacute; it is not surprising, now, the support for the appeal so that all new cars and vans in Europe will be carbon neutral by 2035, a deadline already; UK tax. Beyond the & agrave; in fact, one of the great unknowns about the new engines concerns their daily use, when traditional petrol stations will be a thing of the past.

According to a study by Ernst and Young, l & # 39; Europe would need 65 million charging points in operation by 2035 to meet an estimated fleet of around 130 million electric vehicles. About 85% of these devices, experts say, are expected to be installed in homes. Therefore & ldquo; domestic & rdquo; chargers: one of the most challenging; strategies for the global automotive sector.


To date, the issue of stopping thermal engines is not serious; still officially defined. In fact, 15 manufacturers have voluntarily decided not to produce anymore; ICE vehicles starting from the next decade, but a position taken by the institutions is still lacking. The letter is; was sent to MEPs and governments of the European Union because in these days the Commission is discussing a series of laws concerning the sale of electrified vehicles (electric and hybrid) and the relative limitations to be adopted in the years to come.

The vote on the new legislation is expected to be voted in June to come into effect in the autumn. According to reports from the European Environment Agency, cars and vans are responsible for 15% of all CO2 emissions and are also the main source of nitrogen dioxide pollution, which causes 40,000 deaths in Europe every year. Electric cars, which currently represent 10% of cars sold in Europe, can help to drastically reduce these polluting emissions and, again according to the petitioners, must be supported on more; levels. Hence the need & agrave; of clear laws . Not only that: the companies signing the letter also believe that with a definitive regulation, all European industry can finally start a profound restructuring process that would also allow it to gain competitiveness; towards the rest of the world.


Stuart Rowley , president of the European division of Ford, said: & ldquo; Ford, in Europe, believes that freedom; movement goes hand in hand with caring for our planet. This is why & eacute; we have a target for all Ford vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035. We have also decided to follow up on the COP26 and the Paris climate agreements. But European politicians need to set precise objectives on mobility; electric, in order to accompany the transition in a sustainable way. ”

Jim Rowan , CEO of Volvo, added:“ We will become an & rsquo; company with all-electric cars in 2030 and we are in favor of stopping fossil fueled vehicles in Europe by 2035. It is not; only a question related to compliance with the Paris agreements: & egrave; just the right thing to do to avoid worse impacts on our planet in terms of quality; of & rsquo; air and global warming. ”

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