BMW M3 Touring, the shooting wagon prepares for the Nurbirgring


Together with the long-awaited M4 CSL, BMW reminded us of the arrival of another M model of the same interest for all fans of the Bavarian brand. This is the M3 Touring , which will come; presented in June at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.


That of the M3 Touring & egrave; a concept that was first pioneered two decades ago. In fact, in 2000 a fully functional prototype of the M3 E46 in Touring version was created, which unfortunately for & ograve; did not enter; never in production. Now, after 22 years, the Touring is finally about to become a reality; with the G81 and BMW she shows it to us in a teaser being pushed hard on the N & uuml; rburgring circuit.


There are not many technical details on the new M3 Touring, but you can understand that the car is capable of reaching a speed; maximum speed of at least 270 km/h and that the Motorsport division has made specific aerodynamic changes given the car's station wagon nature, suggesting that the style is more practical bodywork has received the same attention as the traditional M3 sedan or M4 coup & eacute ;. In addition, changes were made to the suspension and chassis to undo the pi & ugrave; possible extra bulk given by the larger dimensions and heavier weight of this wagon version compared to a traditional M3.

The car will not have; of manual gearbox since & eacute; will be sold in the Competition version only, so it will be; supplied only with 8-speed automatic gearbox . During the teaser we are shown in full, without covers, a dashboard not yet adequate to the latest updates as it is a car set up before the last upgrade, while the standard version will pass. to the iDrive 8 configuration with the curved display. Finally, & egrave; It was also revealed that due to problems due to the prohibitive homologation costs, the model will not arrive; on the US market.

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