Lexus won't punter? only on electric SUVs


Lexus has an ambitious electrification plan for its vehicle range. As we know, from 2030 it will offer; only electric cars in the markets of Europe, North America and China. However, does not intend to focus only on SUV models . As Spiros Fotinos , director of Lexus Europe, told Autocar, they cannot ignore the demand for SUVs worldwide. In any case, Lexus has not canceled its plans for battery-powered models of other segments.

We are clearly working on alternative body types that would allow us not only to offer a more range; of vehicles, but also to satisfy the growth ambitions we have for Europe.

Lexus Electrified Sedan

Therefore, although the new Lexus RZ 540e is still an SUV and is already; a future debut of an additional electric SUV is expected, electric models from other segments will also arrive. In the past we had seen images of some prototypes including a 4-door sedan with coup & eacute; and a supercar. Apparently, the Japanese brand intends to pursue similar projects to offer its customers a diverse range of battery-powered cars.

Soon to understand what they will be like but on the technical front there is; a novelty. As we know, today the Toyota Group and therefore also Lexus, for the new electric uses the new e-TNGA platform explicitly designed for battery-powered cars. Apparently, Lexus does not intend to use this platform alone for its electric vehicles. In fact, Spiros Fotinos says that the e-TNGA platform is; a good starting point. However, for a brand with their ambitions it is not enough. Therefore, they are also evaluating other opportunities.

Lexus electric superar

Sar & agrave; therefore it is very interesting to follow Lexus' electrification projects. For the moment, as previously mentioned, the Japanese brand has recently presented the Lexus RZ 450e that will arrive; also in Italy and that will be able to rely on a powertrain with double 230 kW electric motor. The battery has a capacity; of 71.4 kWh. The Japanese brand expects a mileage of over 400 km.

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