Belgian Lab9 takes over most of Switch stores


In February of this year, Switch, one of the largest Apple Premium Reseller in Belgium, received some pretty negative news. The stores are said to be too focused on selling deceptive contracts and insurance, instead of giving good advice for Apple products. Several former employees clammed out of the school. In the end, the contract between Switch and Apple was broken by the latter, which means that the stores are no longer officially APRs. Now there is good news for a large part of the former Switch stores, because Lab9 is taking over the majority of the stores. Many employees are also making the switch.

Lab9 takes over Switch in Belgium

The news was announced today in a press release. In total, Lab9 is taking over 15 Switch stores. Switch had a total of 18 stores. Only the shops in Ghent and in two shopping centers (Waasland Shopping and Wijnegem Shopping) will not be taken over. It's not clear how much Lab9 will pay for the Switch stores takeover. In addition to the physical stores, Lab9 is also taking over Switch's repair services. The total number of Lab9 stores will grow from 11 to 26 with the acquisition.

In the near future, the stores will be converted and prepared for an opening in June. From then on, customers can return to the former Switch stores for the latest Apple products. Lab9 will use the coming weeks to restock the stores with products and accessories. It is important to know that the stores will officially become an Apple Premium Reseller again. This is an Apple certification that allows stores to sell official Apple products and provide services, such as repairs. Purchases and repairs that you make at Lab9 are therefore covered by the Apple warranty. About 100 Switch employees will also be taken over by Lab9 during the acquisition.

Warranty of previously purchased products remains

Have you recently purchased a product from Switch? Then it is good to know that your current warranty period will continue and you will therefore also be able to contact Lab9 for your iPhone warranty. Lab9 says current Switch stores will remain open during the transition period through June 2022. Switch employees will be trained “according to Lab9 standards”, which meet Apple's guidelines. This seems to put an end to the peddling of expensive insurance and subscriptions, which meant the demise of Switch. It is not entirely clear whether these current insurance policies will also be taken over by Lab9.

With the acquisition of 15 stores, Lab9 is in one time the largest APR in the whole of Belgium. Turnover is expected to double for the whole of 2022 compared to 2021. In 2021, the 11 stores and webshop achieved a total turnover of approximately €38 million. A turnover of €85 million is expected for 2022.

Thanks to tipster Jordy!